The most beautiful sunrise in the Dolomites – Passo Giau

There are places you fall in love at first sight. You just open the guide, browse the pictures on the web, and you hit that one image, which burns instantly in mind. One look and thoughts go in the direction of three, irreversible words: I have to be there! I saw this bevelled column (Ra Gusela) with a small hotel

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Seceda and Val di Funes – photography spots in the Dolomites

You have seen it. I guess everyone has. Three pictures from the Dolomites appear in guidebooks, brochures and come back like a boomerang every autumn. White church on the backdrop of forest hills and sharp, rocky peaks. Bent tops like shark fins and vertical walls bathed in red sunset light. Every landscape photographer looked with envy for these scenic vies.

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Vatican and the Vatican Museums

Staying in Rome and not visiting Vatican is like not trying a pizza or ice-cream when in Italy. Since the planning phase we knew we’d see the Vatican Museums and take a stroll along the streets, drawing crowds during Catholic ceremonies. A must-see!

Trolltunga – 23 km to see a troll’s tongue

The impression is almost surreal. Trolltunga − a flat, narrow and a more than a dozen meters long rock hangs 700m above a lake that winds like a snake. Formed by a glacier 10 000 years ago is now the main attraction of Norway.  Ironically – one of the most challenging and hard to reach. Demands are cruel −  to

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Zürich – the city of delight and great pleasure

Lunchtime. One o’clock. The street is full of white shirts, ties and Prada women dress suits. A colourful T-shirts can be noticed only from time to time but obviously they are worn by some tourists or kids. The members of business capital city of Switzerland are out of their offices in order to eat out or just to rest a

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Teplicke Skaly – Rocks in winter

Wonderful but a freezy weather in New Year? What can be more interesting than going for a walk among most beautiful place in Czechia (Czech Republic).

Mount Rigi – Queen of the Mountains with a wreath of flowers in a crown

In a crowded room one can hear a voice asking repeatedly ‘Who gives more? We have a current bid of 5.8 million, going once. Going twice. Then, the sound of a hammer fills the room. Sold! „The Blue Rigi” painted by JMW Turner becomes a part of Tate Britain collection.

Furka Pass and Grimsel Pass to Aletsch Glacier – a perfect day in Swiss Alps!

If you have just few days to visit Switzerland, it is extremely difficult to choose only several places worth sightseeing. Obviously, our bucket list always includes some mountains that are at the top positions. Ironically, the term ‘mountains’ seems to be the bottomless pit. In this tiny country are 437 peaks – the average elevation is above 3 000 metres above

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