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Weekend in Mürren – Switzerland in intense mode

Each exquisite dish requires the highest quality of ingredients, and a good recipe and presentation guarantee an unforgettable experience. So, how do you plan the perfect weekend in Switzerland? It’s simple – the base is, of course, mountains, topped with a pinch of adrenaline and local ingredients. Everything elegantly shaken, not mixed. Good weather and a glass of wine will

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Mount Rigi – Queen of the Mountains with a wreath of flowers in a crown

In a crowded room one can hear a voice asking repeatedly ‘Who gives more? We have a current bid of 5.8 million, going once. Going twice. Then, the sound of a hammer fills the room. Sold! „The Blue Rigi” painted by JMW Turner becomes a part of Tate Britain collection.


Lucerne – a magnificent steamboat cruise

Finally, the trail through the unexplored Alps has been traced. In the first half of the 13th century, a winding path across The Gotthard Pass was marked between some peaks. At that time the only possibility to reach the pass was to cross Lake Lucerne. Longshoremen were leaving the boats on a steep shore near a mountain village called Flüelen

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