OneDayStop – our travel blog

2012 – beginnings

We started this travel blog during our first road trip around Northern France in 2012. The idea behind was to share some stories and photos with family and friends. It was easier, faster and simpler than writing five or more emails. From that time we had many posts which we find today distant to anything connected to blogging. Like old souvenirs  that need cleaning or some touch.

Blog today

Fast forward to these days, when we are richer with thousands of miles, photos and experiences. We continuously develop the blog with a careful attention to a work-life-blog balance.

If you find something more than just another travel blog, then we are happy. Our goal is to make it a source of inspiration because travelling is not only about places and people. It is also a long preparation, searching for the best equipment, challenges and austerities. And there is a lot of fun in it – playing with images made by your camera, discovering lifestyles and crossing frontiers.

It is our personal diary made a little bit public. The best and the worst parts can be found here.

About us


driver and taster expert

From Monday to Friday she works as a portfolio manager officer and supports management in a huge, Swiss bank.

During travels: she takes narrow curves, learns the differences between A and S modes in her camera and selects restaurants

She likes: shrimps and seafood, romantic towns and cross-country skiing

Favorite place: this next to Maciek

Travel dream: to drive through China and Japan

Joanna on Linekdin


navigator and photgrapher

He designs user experiences in a FinTech startup. Prototypes, business models and questioning everything are his bread and butter.

During travels: he documents everything with his camera and pores over maps and guidebooks

He likes: sunrises and sunsets, red wine, reaching mountains peaks, sharp images, culinary experiments and cycling

Favorite place: the one that we will go (soon)

Travel dream: to freeze aurora above Lofotens on a photography and to drive New Zeland from south to north  

Maciek on Linekdin and his UX portfolio

Blog and travel plans

Travels that we are planing in near or further future

  1. Norway and Hardanger
  2. Lower Silesia castles and mountains
  3. Atens
  4. Israel
  5. Australia and New Zealand
  6. Alps and Switzerland

Useful tips and guides

  1. Reviews of trekking shoes and equipment
  2. Reviews of photo equipment
  3. Some tips and thoughts about hotels
  4. About renting a car
  5. About road trips and driving around Europe